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Dog Waste Removal & Pet Care Service!  The Scoop Squad ®, LLC proudly Serving Frederick, Maryland & Surrounding Area with top notch dog walking, pet care, and pooper scooper service since 2008!  301-606-1169

Prices Starting as Low as $12/week for Scooper Service See Prices & Policies Tab For More Detail on Pet Visits!  Our service area includes, but is not limited to:  Frederick, Adamstown, Urbana, Braddock Heights, Middletown, and more! 

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured!

For Events & Happenings Around Town - check out DIXIE'S DUGOUT tab!

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Hey Bubba; What Are People Saying About The Scoop Squad?

My name is Boomer; I’m a dog.  My family is really great, because they use the Scoop-Squad to scoop my …. well, you know what.  I really like Steve which is saying a lot, because I’m not too friendly.  Steve is one of my exceptions.  I have known him at least five years, maybe more; I lose track of time.  I can tell you the Scoop-Squad does a great job, and Steve is a great guy.  My family knows I’m happy with the Scoop-Squad, and keeping me happy is important. Boomer - Urbana, MD

When I decided that I needed a dog walker for my dog Teddy I looked into several local companies, and decided to go with the Scoop Squad.  It was the right decision for me and definitely for Teddy. Over the past 3 years Steve and Wendy have taken wonderful care of Teddy.  My neighbors even remark at how happy Teddy is when he is out for his walks with Steve.  They have offered me great advice about Teddy's nutrition, health, and overall wellbeing.  Steve leaves wonderfully informative notes that let me know exactly what happened during Teddy's visits.  I truly don't know what I would have done without the Scoop Squad.  Thank you for taking care of Teddy! Danielle/Frederick, MD

Wendy and Steve with the Scoop Squad have provided our family with SO MUCH more than pet services.  In addition to the amazing love and care they provide for our 2 dogs twice a week, they provide our family with peace of mind knowing that our furry children are being well cared for, and given the companionship and playful attention that brings them so much joy.  When Mr. Steve pulls into our driveway, our dogs begin barking with excitement and anticipation for his visit!  When my husband arrives home, we have a detailed report waiting for us on how the visit went, activities they enjoyed together, and creative sketches of the dogs that always bring a smile to our faces.  The Scoop Squad has been a true blessing in our lives, and we simply cannot say enough about how amazing their services are.  We highly highly highly recommend them!  Erin/Urbana, MD

Scoop Squad has been providing me service for close to six years.  Steve is great and my yard is perfect, after he is done. My dogs know him and he always has a pat on the head and a treat for them.  Steve is here, rain, snow or sleet.  You can always count on Scoop Squad.   Wendy in the office is a gem.  Always responsive to all questions.   Was super sensitive when we lost a family dog recently.  I highly recommend Scoop Squad, because of Wendy and Steve.  Not only are they wonderful people, but help out with the animals.  AND love Steve's doodling on his time receipts.  Not a Rembrandt, but more of a Picasso!  Ellen/Frederick, MD

Our family loves the Scoop Squad! Willie and Ruby (pups) get so excited when they see Steve pull up because they love to say hi to him.  Both Steve and Wendy do a great job keeping our yard clean and sanitary for our dogs and family to enjoy.  They are very professional, courteous and love animals!  It gives us great peace of mind to know that we have someone we trust coming into our yard and being around our four-legged family members.  We would highly recommend them.  Sarah and Chris/Frederick, MD

"Scoop Squad is an excellent service for pet owners.  Steve and Wendy are
first rate and have been there for me when I needed advice on issues
concerning my dog.  Ashley loves seeing Steve and she loves those treats he always has in his pocket.  My lawn and backyard are cleaned and allows
Ashley a clean environment to romp and play in.  Thanks Scoop Squad!"
Dorothy/Frederick, MD

"We LOVED having The Scoop Squad in our dog's life. Wendy and Steve were so loving and caring. We trusted them to care for our dog, Todos, the way that we cared for him. During every visit, we could trust that they would spend quality time with him, ensure he was safe and secure, and that we would have the "daily scoop" waiting for us when we arrived via little notes on his progress for the day. They even went the extra mile to bring in packages, turn on lights when it was a late evening, or be available for the "emergencies" when we were working later than expected. We were sad to say goodbye when we learned we needed to move. We, along with Todos, will miss them dearly. If you are looking for someone to not just walk your dog, but give him/her the love and attention they truly deserve, we HIGHLY recommend Wendy and Steve to care for your fur baby’s needs." Tameca & Chandra/Frederick, MD

"We have been satisfied clients of the Scoop Squad for several years. Steve is very
diligent and conscientious. He takes personal pride in making the grounds clean and
healthy for both ourselves and our dogs. Besides using the Scoop Squad service for
animal waste removal, we use their services for giving the dogs a break during the
day, a couple days a week. Steve truly loves the dogs and gets joy out of working
and playing with them. We have very active and athletic German Shepherds. Steve does agility, obedience and heavy ball playing with them. As a very wise dog trainer once commented - a tired dog is a happy owner. We have been so pleased with the Scoop Squad we have recommended them to friends and family. After using the Scoop Squad they have all said there is no comparison to the service the Scoop Squad provides, compared to other services they have used previously." Dea/Urbana, MD

"I love knowing I can count on The Scoop Squad to take care of my dog when I'm at work!  Their service is incredible, and my Golden Retriever, Jake, loves their visits!  I'd recommend them to anyone!!" Brian/Frederick, MD

"My pets LOVE Steve and Wendy!  Cody and Cosmo spin in circles and dance like crazy at the mere mention of Steve or Wendy coming by!  The service and care provided by Steve and Wendy is out of this world fantastic!  Couldn't ask for better people to care for my "boys" when I'm not home!" Karen/Walkersville, MD

"Excellent, prompt service.  Could not have asked for better dog walkers.  You guys
are the best."  Lisa/Urbana, MD

*Hi Wendy and Steve, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for doing such a wonderful job taking care of Casho.  He is a really happy guy thanks to all of your efforts!  You are both so sweet and must truly have a way with pups.  We really appreciate all you are doing.  All the best,  Beth/Middletown, MD

"Wonderful Way with Dogs‎: I am using Scoop Squad to help me with my sound sensitive rescue dog. It was crucial that Scoop Squad were naturals with dogs, kind, and gentle. Wendy really listened to my instructions and my dog was more relaxed with her than any other new person he has met. Her help right now is indispensable while we are rehabilitating our dog to live happily regardless of what sounds are present. I am an experienced Certified Pet Dog Trainer and very fussy about whom handles my dogs. Wendy was also very pleasant to deal with and very professional. I found their rates more than reasonable" Jeni/Urbana Area, MD

"I would highly recommend The Scoop Squad they are a very friendly and professional whether walking dogs or pet sitting. They are very dependable, professional and understanding to the needs to your dogs. I love notes or stories they leave about their visits with my dogs. My two dogs, Howie & Bart just adore Wendy and Steve they would  get so excited to see them everytime they walked or pet sat for me.  I have complete peace of mind when they walk or pet sit my dogs and I would not use anyone else!" Terry/Frederick, MD

*We were very pleased with the services offered by the Scoop Squad. It was nice to go away and not have to worry about our dogs, knowing that they were being well cared for. They are professional and more importantly, our dogs love them! I would highly recommend the Scoop Squad to anyone needing scooping or walking services."  Rikki/Frederick, MD

*Your service is great, tell your husband thank you!"  Marie/Adamstown, MD

We Walk Dogs Because We Love Them! 

                   Dog Poop Clean Up is Our Business!

A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog!

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