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Here at The Scoop Squad Gracie loved to keep a gallery of our happy clients!  Take a look at some of them starting with Gracie herself and her brother Juvi.

Miss Dixe Rae of The Scoop Squad, pictured here, is actively keeping up Gracie's Gallery along with her Mommy & Daddy :)

The newest member or our family Bubba is helping us with Security, Product Testing & TLC trainer.  He is quite a love and is a wonderful helper for our Miss Dixie Rae!

I hope you enjoyed my gallery-Woof! 

I love my sister's gallery!  Check back real soon for new additions-Woof!

I never met my big sister Gracie, but her Gallery is so cool!  I woof it!

There are a lot of bark worthy buddies on this gallery! We woof adding more!