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                  DIXIE'S DUGOUT

DIXIE'S DUGOUT will bring you up to date on some current happenings around town as well as some interesting facts!  Check them out below!

         Events & Happenings Around Town

*Howl-O-Wine fundraiser will be held on Saturday, October, 6, 2018 from 12-5pm! Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard. WagsForHope.org

Selfie face!

Darla gets a haircut! Keep your furr babies nice and clean.  Even if we don't like the process afterwards we feel so much better.  Paws up Darla!

Stay warm and snuggle up with the ones you wuff!

Bubba & I are doing our best to enjoy the cool weather as much as we can!  We love to be out and experience new things. Here we are with Mommy. Woof!

I got a new brother to snuggle and hang out with - Woof! XO!

Maybe I should make a New Years resolution to exercise more...or I can dream about opening my stocking on Christmas day and there are more bones...

Daddy's horse friends wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Our buddy Teddy hopes everyone had a great Halloween 2016! Woof!

I'm very social :) Mommy & Daddy like me to get out to visit with my other social dog friends & have some fun stimulation - woof!

Many of Daddy's clients like to sport the Scoop Squad hat :) I think Miss Scout wheres it well! Woof!

Daddy & Mommy like to take me everywhere.  They love me and I get to have a fun time and see new things.  I wuf to be with them! :)

Sophie gets a new home! From the rescue to adoption to snuggles-yeah! What a happy ending for another lovable hound. She has gone from rags to riches! I wuf happy endings-Woof!

If you love someone let them know today! "I wuff you big brother! Come here I will put a kissy on your nose." Awe, I wuff you too kid!" 

My big brother went to be with God on May 4th; I love him forever and will see him again someday XOXO!!!

This is our friend Bubba (future brother).  He's a looker isn't he!  He is especially handsome sporting one of Daddy's hats! Woof!

Happy Sweet 16 Juvi! You're my Bestie! I Woof You! XOXO

Soon it will be cold!  My Mom & Dad make sure we have lots of cozy blankets and beds around for us to stay warm & snuggle.  My brother is kind of warm & cozy too, but don't tell him I said so :) Woof!

Juvi & I welcome you to the family Uncle Gunner! Woof!

Juvi's dugout comments: Woof!  Juvi here, when The Kid (Dixie Rae) gets enough exercise she's a complete dream! ;)

Thunder Storms-OH NO!!!  I get SO scared during thunder storms.  My Mommy and Daddy made me a bed in a special closet.  It's my safe place when I'm scared.  I often run up there and fall asleep.  Sometimes my brother comes and checks on me.  My thunder shirt helps me a little too.  So if your Four Legged Baby is scared of storms find them a nice safe place with fans, snuggly blankets or anything that makes them feel safe.  Woof!

"What happened to Mommy's Down Pillow??!!"

"Okay which one of you did it?  Fess up! I'm 99.9% sure I know who..."

Allergy Season Yuck!  Does your dog or cat suffer from allergies?  So do my brother and I.  My Mom and Dad try to be proactive by taking us to the vet and giving us allergy meds before things get bad.  This helps to prevent infections and worse troubles.  Even though I get a little sleepy at night it sure does help me...Woof!  If you see your four legged scratching away, don't wait take them to the pet doctor today!

Fitness Have your exercised your best friend today?  We love to be outside.  Make sure we have plenty of water and shade this time of year.  Even if it's bad weather we still love to play.  My big sister Gracie (shown here in Dad's gym) was very much into fitness.  It's important for all of us you know!

My brother's birthday was Jan 15th.  He is a Y2K baby and turned 15 years young!  He is my best friend ever!  Happy birthday brother! I woof you!

Canine Dental Disease My older brother Juvi just had his teeth done.  He is 14 & 1/2, but Mom and Dad told me it was very important for us to have good dental hygene as we can get yucky infections in our mouth that can hurt us real bad.  Today if you go to a high quality vet they will have the latest, greatest, and safest methods for cleaning your four legged family member's teeth.  Smile pretty!

Mom & Dad said July is too busy for us to take our own vacation, so we invited Dr. Cook & Dr. Davis from Kingsbrook Animal Hospital out to learn the ropes.  My brother Juvi is a great trainer!  Good times! :)

                   WHY USE THE SCOOP SQUAD

We are a Professional Local Service.  With all services provided, we have very high quality standards. We treat your pets & your home like our own. You have our 100 % satisfaction guarantee of cleanliness, reliability, & care with your pets!  If at any point you are not satisfied we will come out and perform the service again at no charge or refund your money.

The Scoop Squad is affordable.  No matter what is going on in our economy you can count on us to keep our prices affordable for all families.  The Scoop Squad can provide real value to you in a variety of ways-isn't that what we are all looking for these days-VALUE!

Dog Poop can be a host to diseases and parasites.  Having pet waste removed provides an environmentally safe yard for your whole family. Children and pets can be exposed to these diseases & parasites if waste is not cleaned and properly disposed. 

Your Time*Your Time*Your Time.  Lets face it with long commutes, long work hours, & other obligations who wants to spend their weekends cleaning up after their pets when you could be enjoying them and time with your family & friends. Our low cost high quality service is absolutely worth it!

It's a back killer!  Have you ever gone outside to clean up the poop and after only a few minutes of bending and picking up it feels like your back is about to break?  Well, it can put a tremendous strain on your back and take a lot of energy just to clean up your pet's waste.

It smells bad.  Do you avoid having friends and family in your yard?  Fact is pet waste stinks!  You shouldn't have to avoid your yard or only use a portion of it, because of the poop smell.

It's not so environmentally friendly.  Pet waste breaks down SLOWLY-it can stay in your yard for weeks & even months! It can be very messy in rainy & wintry weather.  It can leave your yard in bad shape preventing you from   enjoying your yard & sometimes even irritating neighbors.

     Why Use Scoop Squad Dog Walking/Pet Visit? 

Companionship Your pets need company during the day to keep them happy, less destructive, & more calm when you arrive home.  That's why our dog walking & pet visits are so valuable.

Energy Many evenings you get home after a long commute & work day for just enough time to eat or spend time with family before bed; sometimes pets don't get the exercise they need at the end of the day.  It's a relief to know they had a walk and playtime during the day. 

Pet Needs Young and older pets need more frequent bathroom breaks or feeding schedules throughout the day. Using The Scoop Squad will give you peace of mind while you are at work.