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                            Pooper Scooper Service

No Contracts & Affordable!!!

We offer once a week, twice a week, every other week, and one time cleanups. 

Scoop Rates Once a week  Twice a week Every Other Week
1 dog$12.00/visit$10.00/visit$18.00/visit
2 dogs$16.00/visit$13.00/visit$24.00/visit
3 dogs$20.00/visit$16.00/visit$28.00/visit

 *Service days & times are dependent upon availability *Rates/Policies subject to change *Prices are based on a 1/4 acre lot or less 

*Initial scoop rates (one time initiation fee) for our once a week, twice a week, and every other week customers starts at $35 for the first hour & half; $15 per additional half hour.  The initial $35 is due on or before the initial service date.

*One time scoop rates are $40 for the first hour & 1/2; $15 per additional 1/2 hour.  The initial $40 payment is due on or before service date; any remaining balance may be billed or paid at the time of completion.

*Locked Gate Fee-A $5 locked gate fee will apply if we can not enter to do a scheduled service. 

*For thorough scooping service please remove debris such as leaves, stone/rock piles, etc. in the scooping area.  We will work around such obstacles until they are removed, and cannot guarantee waste removal under or through such obstacles.

*If normally scheduled service is missed due to weather, customer request or other circumstance special pricing may apply to the next visit.

*We enter the designated area, clean up the dog poop, place it in environmentally friendlier bags, and dispose of it according to county and state regulations.

*We will ALWAYS double check to make sure gates are closed prior to leaving.

*We will let you know if we see any suspicious looking waste.

                        Dog Walking & Pet Visits

      Service days & times are dependent upon availability.            

**Routine Dog Walking/Pet Visit Rates**   30 minute visits   
1 dog/pet$16
2 dogs/pets$18

*Prices Subject To Change

**Routine Rates are discounted for customers who we visit a minimum of 3 times per week for 4 weeks of service or more.  Our routine scooping customers qualify for discounted walking rates.

*Cancel Fee-customers will be charged $7 if we go to the home for scheduled service and service is no longer needed for whatever reason.  Schedule changes should be called in prior to 5am the day of service to 301-712-8415.

*Prices include, feeding, walking, play time, & lots of TLC! 

FREE initial consultation is required prior to initiating service to go over policies, pet needs, & collect keys (2 sets).  These visits typically last 20-30 minutes & can be set up by calling or emailing us.

*Many of our dog walking and pet visits are specific to our customer needs, but the normal visit is 30 minutes.  We provide your pet with lots of TLC.  It is our privilege to serve both you & your pets!

                     Weather & Cancellation Policy

We work in all kinds of weather.  Any cancellations due to weather or other circumstances should be called in to 301-712-8415 prior to 7am the day of service to avoid a cancellation fee. Frequent cancellations may result in loss of walking or scooping space.

                               Billing & Payments

Please see the Billing & Payments Tab for further details

                                  *rates & service terms subject to change